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From improved performance to improved recovery time, sports massage is overall a great choice for your horse. Your horse does not need to be a performance horse to benefit from a massage! A few of the benefits of massage are:

  • Pain relief- Massage releases endorphins which naturally relieve pain without the use of pain killing drugs that can be hard on your horses stomach.

  • Increased performance- Sports massage can actually improve your horses performance by helping to relieve muscle spasms, relax your horse, and correct any muscle imbalances before they get worse.

  • Increased injury recovery- During a massage session any areas with decreased blood flow will get an increase in circulation, which in turn will help to heal an injury faster. 

  • Improved muscle tone, posture, circulation, etc

  • Injury prevention- By correcting imbalances we can actually improve a horse's gait and way of moving which can help prevent injury.

  • And even more! 

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Disclaimer: We do not diagnose or claim to be able to cure anything, any injury should be seen by a vet and cleared before beginning alternative therapies

How do I know if my horse needs a massage?


There are many signs a horse could be in pain and will benefit from a massage, and while I truly believe that every horse will benefit from a massage even if not showing any pain, here are a few symptoms you can watch out for. 

  • Head tossing/ head shaking

  • Trouble getting the correct lead 

  • Visible muscle atrophy

  • Resistance to move to one direction or trouble picking up one lead

  • Horses who are "girthy" assuming tack has been fitted properly

  • Abnormal behaviors from the horse, such as grumpiness out of a normally happy horse

  • Horse being abnormally short strided

  • Bucking/rearing, assuming tack has been fitted properly and there are no training issues

  • And more! I am happy to help you determine if massage will help the specific issue your horse is having.

A horse you've had for years who has always been happy and willing will not all of the sudden turn sour. Most behavioral problems are the result of pain!

A lot of the same symptoms for massage also apply to craniosacral therapy and ANMR can also help solve most of these issues! Contact me and we can discuss your horse's specific issues to determine which therapy will be most beneficial . 

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