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I am always continuing my education and building on my list of services. I strive to offer top notch care for both pleasure and performance horses no matter the breed or discipline. 


Sports Massage:

A sports massage is geared toward the equine athlete, however, your horse does not have to be an athlete to receive and benefit from it! During the massage I focus on not only the major muscle groups but also some of the muscles that are often overlooked. I employ myofascial release techniques and releases along with the sports massage, and also utilize acupressure and trigger points to ensure your horse will be feeling their best after the massage. I finish off most sessions with stretching and I will always give recommendations tailored to your horse to help improve upon any areas they may have troubles. A sports massage lasts approximately 1 hour and will come with a written evaluation sheet detailing my findings and recommendations. Learn more about the benefits of massage here.


Still unsure about massage? I can come do an evaluation on your horse and show you any areas of concern or any areas that definitely need work. I do charge a small fee for evaluations, however if you book the massage the same day I will waive the fee (meaning you would just be paying for the massage, not the evaluation.) An evaluation lasts about 20 minutes and comes with a written evaluation sheet filled out with my findings. Some of the most common signs your horse could use massage therapy can be found on the Benefits page. 

Craniosacral Therapy:

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle yet effective therapy which works to relax the body and realign the plates of the skull in order to help with imbalances, neurological issues, and emotional stress (to name a few!). CST works on the craniosacral rhythm of the horse which is like a wave or pulse that flows through the body. When interrupted it can cause many issues from balance issues and behavioral issues, to TMJ imbalances, cribbing, weaving, head shaking and more! A CST session lasts about 20-30 minutes but could be more or less depending on the horse. 

Body Alignment (ANMR Technique):

ANMR (Animal Neuro-Myofascial Release) is a technique that works to align the body utilizing a small handheld tool. As the practitioner, I use the tool to test for a reaction and when I find a reaction I use the tool to release the fascia in that region. By releasing the spasms in the fascia I can effectively re-align the body. Remember, bone doesn't move muscle, muscle moves bone, meaning when there is a muscle spasm it will pull the bones out of alignment- relieve the spasm and you can re-align the body! For some more chronic issues it may take a few sessions to see those issues resolve, but I have seen some amazing changes using ANMR! 

ANMR is not chiropractic, I do not manually manipulate the bones, this is a soft tissue technique. 

**I am certified in both large and small animal ANMR technique. I can work on all animals from horses and other livestock to dogs and cats!

Red Light Therapy:

Red light therapy is a very safe modality used to help many issues from sore muscles to soft tissue injuries. It works by mimicking the vibration level of a healthy cell, so when this therapy is applied to cells that are not working properly, it helps increase the cellular energy and the cell starts functioning normally. This promotes faster healing and pain relief. I apply red light therapy to sore/stiff muscles, joints, injuries (always check with your vet first!), and acupressure points (these points are tailored to your horse's problems every session!) to name a few. Red light can accelerate healing, relax muscles, reduce pain and swelling, and more! It works well for arthritic joints(but will not cure arthritis by any means, it helps with the associated pain and inflammation), wounds, back pain, tendon/ligament injuries (please see a vet first before starting any alternative therapies), hoof abcesses, and navicular or laminitis associated pain. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions and we can decide if red light therapy will be the best choice for your horse!



I also offer Kinesiology taping!

I am available to give demonstrations or presentations to your barn, 4H group, students, association, etc. Just give me a call and we can work out details!

Find any upcoming places I will be presenting on our Facebook page: Elevated Equine Sports Massage Therapy

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